Making a claim using Charities Online

Your charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) can use Charities Online to claim Gift Aid tax repayments or tax back on other income, and top up payments under the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS).

In most cases, if you claim using the online service for a GASDS top up payment, you don’t need to attach a schedule spreadsheet to your claim. However if you are claiming GASDS on donations collected in a community building or your charity is connected to other charities, you do need to complete and attach the relevant schedule spreadsheet.

These guides explain the different ways you can make a claim, and how to sign up, enrol and use the Charities Online service. Find out what this means and what you need to do by choosing from the links below.

Getting started Online claims: sign up and get the spreadsheet you need For Gift Aid and other income repayment claims For community buildings or connected charities claims under the GASDS For all other GASDS claims