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PAYE tax calculator 2014-15

What it does

This calculator works out tax in the same way as Pay Adjustment Tables A and PAYE Tax Tables B to D. It works for all tax codes, including codes with the prefix 'K' eg K702, as well as codes BR, D0, D1 and NT and saves you the job of using the tables and doing the calculations.


If you are an employer operating PAYE in real time you are no longer able to run your payroll manually and do not need to use this calculator.

Instead you should be using software that is capable of filing payroll information online because this calculator has a limited life and may not be maintained in future years.

Software packages and other payroll options

It is not possible to save the results of the calculations directly, but you can copy and paste the results into other applications.

You cannot use this calculator if the tax code exceeds five characters (including prefixes and suffixes) and you can only enter a pay amount in the range 0.00 to 999,999.00.

You cannot use this calculator if you operate a 'free of tax' arrangement. You can read more about these arrangements by following the link below.

Paying an employee on a 'free of tax' basis

What to do when the regular payday falls on a non-banking day

When a regular payday falls on a non-banking day (Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday) and because of this the payment is made on the last working day before the regular payday, the payment may be treated for PAYE and Class 1 National Insurance contributions (NICs) purposes as having been made on the regular payday.

For example, pay due on Monday 5 May 2014 (tax month 2) but paid on Friday 2 May (tax month 1) may be treated for PAYE and NICs purposes as being paid on 5 May 2014.

What you need before using the calculator

Please ensure you have the following available:

  • employee payroll records or equivalent
  • employee wages records

If you encounter any problems using the calculator please let us know by using our feedback form and selecting 'Feedback about the website' from the list.

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