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National Insurance calculator 2014 to 2015

You are no longer able to run your payroll manually and cannot use this calculator for your payroll. Instead you should be using software that is capable of filing payroll information online.

Software packages and other payroll options

If you are an employee and want to check your tax and National Insurance deductions, you should use the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) tax calculator.

HMRC tax calculator

From June 2014 until September 2014 HMRC asked you to provide feedback to say why you continue to use this calculator. HMRC has reviewed the feedback and decided to continue to provide this calculator in addition to the tax and pay adjustment tables to help support specific payroll calculations. This does not change the requirement to file your payroll information online.

Manually calculate payroll

Limitations of use

It is not possible to save the results of any calculations in the computer memory, but you can copy and paste results on to other applications.

Calculate your National Insurance contributions (Opens new window)