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  • Payroll Giving - approved Payroll Giving agencies

Payroll Giving - approved Payroll Giving agencies

All of the organisations listed below are approved and monitored by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for the purposes of Payroll Giving. They can help you to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace, whether using a professional fundraising organisation, staff champions or a chosen charity.

The list does not include all approved Payroll Giving Agencies but only those that ask to be included. Some Agencies restrict services to particular employers and do not take on other employers. Approved agencies that are not listed here will be able to produce a letter of approval from HMRC Charities if required by employers.

Achisomoch Aid Company

Achisomoch Aid Company, which was established in 1979 and is based in North West London, offers a very special, speedy and personal service to clients whose employees wish to use a charity voucher service for making donations to charity. Donors are provided with a cheque book which they can use whenever they wish to donate to charity.

35 Templars Avenue
NW11 0NU

Naomi Cohen

Telephone: 020 8731 8988
Fax: 020 8458 1790


BEN - Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund

BEN undertakes and manages Payroll Giving contracts with motor, motorcycle, bicycle and agricultural machinery sectors throughout the UK, including manufacturing, aftermarket, components, servicing, finance, retail and leasing, insurance and motor sports. BEN does not charge any administration costs for this service and has an annual turnover of over £1.02 million.

Rise Road

Jim Wright, Head of Regional Development

Telephone: 01344 620 191
Fax: 01344 622 042


Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving, previously South West Charitable Giving, is one of the largest Payroll Giving agencies and administers schemes throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland for over 1,500 employers, ranging from small businesses to 'household' names in the private and public sectors. A personal service including a dedicated account manager for each client as well as distributing donations as quickly as possible are principal elements of Charitable Giving's mission.

Depending on the scheme profile, administration rates are offered on either a percentage or a fixed rate basis.

In addition to other services, including individual and company Voucher Accounts, Charitable Giving works actively with its clients, in conjunction with Professional Fundraising Organisations, to assist them achieve their charitable goals. The Charitable Giving website assists employers to sign up for Payroll Giving and donors to manage their donations online.

Union Mine Road
Pitts Cleave
PL19 0PW

Telephone: 01822 611180
Website: Charitable Giving (Opens new window)


Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation manages Give As You Earn, the UK's largest Payroll Giving scheme with over 6,000 employers participating on a national and international basis. They support the HM Government funded Payroll Giving Quality Mark and give practical support to employers on how to get the best out of their scheme. The administration fee varies between 0-4% per donation

Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4TA

Telephone: 01732 520 019
Fax: 01732 520 144
Website: Charities Aid Foundation (Opens new window)


Charities Trust

Charities Trust is an innovative leader in donations management and one of the largest Payroll Giving Agencies in the UK. They have specialised in payroll giving since it was introduced to the UK in 1987 and manage some of the largest payroll giving schemes including many award winners.

They specialise in working with organisations, helping them and their employees to co-ordinate and optimise their efforts in raising and donating money for charities and good causes resulting in payment to charities and good causes in excess of £60 million each year.

The flat fee of only 25p per donor per month makes it very easy for employers who wish to pay the admin on behalf of their employees to calculate and budget; charities are not charged registration fees to access their donations.

The Payroll Giving service is fully integrated with the matched funding service; with the online fundraising service, Sponsor Me; and with the personal donation account, My Giving Account.

They work with all Professional Fundraising Organisations as well as with charities and employers to grow participation.

Since May 2014 Charities Trust has been dispersing payroll giving donations to charities twice a month instead of the customary once a month.

Suite 20-22
Century Building
Brunswick Business Park
Tower Street
L3 4BJ

Telephone: 0151 284 1912
Fax: 0151 286 2360
Website: Charities trust (Opens new window)


Co-operative Payroll Giving Limited

Co-operative Payroll Giving Limited offers a totally free of charge scheme to those who wish to make donations to their chosen charity. All costs are absorbed by us so the chosen charity fully benefits from the donation and the employee receives the full saving on their donation. Providing this scheme, which is delivered by The Midcounties Co-operative is a reflection of our Ethical and Social Responsibility core values which are succinct with the Co-operative movement. Supporting charities has been a priority for our business as we donate a significant figure from our share of profits and undertake a number of fundraising events for our Charity Partner as well as other Charities.

Co-operative Payroll Giving Limited
Co-operative House
Warwick Technology Park
CV34 6DA

Telephone: 0800 458 7929


County Durham Community Foundation

County Durham Community Foundation promotes lasting charitable giving by bringing together donors with their chosen causes, through well targeted grants that make a genuine difference to the lives of local people.

Victoria House
Whitfield Court
St John's Road
Meadowfield Industrial Estate

Stacey Denham

Telephone: 0191 378 6340
Fax: 0191 378 2409

Website: County Durham Community Foundation (Opens new window)



Giveall is a next generation Payroll Giving platform.

It is 100% commission-free and, being fully automated, is admin-lite. It is the first of its kind.

Giveall2Charity owns and operates Giveall, the online fundraising and donations platform which delivers fully integrated cash management and banking facilities and commission-free wealth management services on top of Payroll Giving. It also delivers a broad range of other services and solutions that help charities operate more efficiently and effectively.

Giveall2Charity is unique among Payroll Giving Agencies as being the only one that is fully automated and commission-free.

Giveall is 'admin-lite'. Setting up an account takes no time at all and on-going administration is minimal. Employees can link to multiple employers and support an unlimited number of charities. Changing employers is easy.

Charities cut costs and make more money by registering with Giveall. It is 100% secure and the charities registered on the platform have their money deposited into their own Giveall Online Bank Account within two working days of the funds clearing.

Bank House
81 St Judes Road
Englefield Green
TW20 0DF

Website: Giveall2Charity (Opens new window)



H-PAN works closely with charities, grassroots organisations and churches. They provide a variety of services including Payroll Giving, Charity voucher accounts, accounting and independent examination, formation and management of charitable company and trusts, fundraising and governance support.

H-PAN Payroll Giving will administer employee donations to charity and take the effort away from the employer.

H-PAN Consultancy
H-PAN Payroll Giving Agency
1 Matthews Lane
M12 4QW

Telephone: 0161 225 2307


Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation

Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation (HEYCF) has 18 years of experience delivering cross sector Social Investment programmes levering millions of pounds of grant funding into the Humber Sub-Region. With a focus on corporate social responsibility the charity offers payroll giving as just one of a wide range of support mechanisms that enables the business sector to engage with local community and voluntary groups in a mutually beneficial relationship. HEYCF's approach to payroll giving is unique in that it promotes local giving to local causes meaning donors actually get to see what a difference their personal donation makes. All parties receive an online account through which they can track their contributions and receipts, following the progress, challenges and achievements of beneficiaries supported by local charities.

Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation
Suffolk Chambers
Scale Lane
Telephone: 01482 320021

Website: Hull and East Yorkshire Community Foundation (Opens in new window)


Prism the Gift Fund

Prism the Gift Fund acts as a payroll giving agency, and is a charity in its own right. It administers the charitable giving of individuals and foundations.

The charity places a large emphasis on flexibility, professional service, efficient administration, and tax effectiveness. It offers bespoke payroll giving packages that are charged purely based on the level of administration required to fulfil the needs of the client.

Prism the Gift Fund work closely with donors, including corporate foundations, private foundations, individuals or groups of fundraisers, and are experts in donor administration.

They have been encouraging effective philanthropy in the UK since 2004.

20 Gloucester Place

Telephone: 020 7486 7760
Website: Prismthegiftfund (Opens new window)


Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations is the umbrella body representing the interests of, and providing services to, Scottish charities. Since 1987 they have acted as a Payroll Giving Agency, operating the Payroll Giving scheme in conjunction with the Charities Aid Foundation. They have many years' experience advising Scottish employers and charities on how to promote the scheme.

The Mansfield
Traquair centre
15 Mansfield Place

Andrew Stuart

Telephone: 0131 474 6172
Fax: 0131 556 0279
Website: The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (Opens new window)



SmartGiving manages Payroll Giving schemes that minimise the administration burden for employers from a wide range of large and small organisations. They offer a personal and professional tailored solution for employers with the emphasis on saving them time and money in the collection and distribution of charity donations. SmartGiving (previously known as KKL) has many years experience in operating and advising employers on the Payroll Giving schemes. All their services are offered via a dedicated contact. Donations are distributed on a weekly basis to charities. SmartGiving offers a range of other services including charity accounts, automated giving, a charity 'cheque book' for one-off donations and access to secure internet accounts. Fees vary depending on the range of services required from SmartGiving.

JNF House
Spring Villa Park
Spring Villa Road

Telephone: 020 8732 6102
Fax: 020 8732 6111
Website: Smartgiving (Opens new window)


Stewardship Payroll Giving

Stewardship Payroll Giving is operated by Stewardship the largest giving organisations in the UK. Last year, Stewardship received and distributed around £50 million of charitable giving; much of which can be organised online, providing individuals with an easy and efficient way to organise charitable giving.

Stewardship's fees for payroll giving are some of the lowest available, at just 2.5%.

PO Box 99
IG10 3JQ

Telephone: 0208 502 8560
Website: Stewardship


The Charity Service Ltd

The Charity Service Ltd provides a variety of services to charities and charitable causes in the UK and overseas. These include Payroll Giving schemes, charity cheque accounts, secure internet based management of donations, a fundraising website - MyGift, creating and managing personal and corporate charitable trusts, advising on grant making and administering grant making trusts. Also, the provision of accounting and governance support to other charities and community groups to maximise philanthropy.

Third Floor
64 Bridge Street
M3 3BN

Catherine Stuart-Jervis MA
Chief Executive

Telephone: 0303 999 1212
Website: Charity Service Ltd (Opens new window)


The Lincolnshire Community Foundation

Lincolnshire Community Foundation is a new payroll giving agency. Our big and unique features are: we add 100% to each gift, doubling its value and we offer a route to local giving to local causes from the Humber to the Wash.

The Foundation
4 Mill House
Carre Street
NG34 7TW

Director: Gordon Hunter

Telephone: 01529 307749
Website: Lincolnshire Community Foundation (Opens new window)


United Way Payroll Giving Service

United Way act as a Payroll Giving Agency, and have many years experience advising employers and charities on how to promote the scheme.

A personal service including a dedicated account manager. Depending on the scheme profile, administration rates are offered on either a percentage or a fixed rate basis.

United Way is a partner in a global network of non profit organisations who are part of the United Way Worldwide with vast experience of corporate giving globally.

151 Dale Street
L2 2AH

Telephone: 0151 227 5177
Fax: 0151 237 3998