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Giving to charity: businesses

Gifts of money to charity by sole traders or partnershipsHow to make Gift Aid donations when giving money to charity if you're a member of a business partnership or self-employed

Gifts to charity made by companiesHow companies can claim Corporation Tax relief on qualifying donations of money to charity

Gifts to charity of land, buildings or shares by companiesHow to claim Corporation Tax relief if your company gives land, property or shares to charity, what records to keep

Gifts to charity of company equipment, trading stock or staff helpHow to claim tax relief on company gifts to charity of plant and machinery, trading stock, secondment of employees

Sponsoring a charityWhen your company can claim tax relief on sponsorship payments to a charity, what counts as trading income, VAT implications

Payroll Giving: introduction for employers and pension providers How to set up a Payroll Giving Scheme to allow your employees to give to charity from their wages, using a Payroll Giving Agency