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  • HMRC bank accounts A to Z

HMRC bank account details - A to Z

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has a number of bank accounts. Use this A to Z list to look up the tax you want to pay, for details of:

  • the right HMRC bank account number for a Bacs Direct Credit, Faster Payments by internet/telephone banking, or CHAPS payment
  • the right format for your payment reference number

A to Z list of HMRC bank accounts

Take care when you use HMRC's bank account details. If you make a mistake with the sort code or account number your payment will be delayed getting to HMRC. Or they might not receive your payment.

If you pay by online Direct Debit or BillPay you won't have to worry about the account numbers as they already have the HMRC bank accounts built in.

You also need to use the right HMRC reference number on your payment.

Before you make a payment

Check with your bank or building society:

  • that you can use the payment method you want to
  • if they have any single transaction or daily limits on the amount you can pay
  • if they have cut-off times for processing payments
  • how long it will take them to send your payment to HMRC

This will help you avoid getting any interest, penalties or surcharges for late payments.