PAYE for employers

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How to use the PAYE/CIS for Agents online service How to sign up for and use HMRC's PAYE/CIS for Agents online service to manage all aspects of your clients' PAYE/CIS affairs

Expenses and benefits for employers Key tasks explained, including identifying what's taxable, calculating taxable values, and getting record-keeping and reporting right

Tax and NIC rates and thresholds for employers Current thresholds and rates for PAYE, NICs, Statutory Payments, mileage payments, National Minimum Wage, student loan repayments

Forms and publications for employers Download forms and publications for setting up and running a payroll system - employer helpbooks, tax and NICs tables and more

PAYE tools for employers Tools and calculators you might find useful when handling your clients' PAYE for employers matters

Manuals and other reference material for PAYE for employers Comprehensive guidance from HMRC based on tax law and published for the information of taxpayers and their advisers

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