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19 December 2014

Where to find 'What's new' from HMRC

We've stopped updating the HMRC 'What's new' page, because HMRC's guidance and tools are now accessed through GOV.UK.


9 December 2014

Reporting Offshore Funds (XLS 7MB)

The list has now been updated to include the funds that have entered the Reporting Fund Regime as at 04 December 2014.


8 December 2014

Agent Update 45 (PDF 791K)

The bi-monthly round up of the latest developments in tax, HMRC service and consultations for accountants and tax professionals and a section on the latest news and issues from the Working Together network.

Solicitors Tax Campaign

HMRC is giving solicitors who may have undeclared income or gains, a quick and straightforward opportunity to come forward and put their tax affairs in order on the best terms available.


4 December 2014

UK Regional Trade Statistics - latest release (Opens new window)

UK Regional Trade Statistics for trade in goods with EU and non-EU countries are released today, for the third quarter of 2014.


3 December 2014

Autumn Statement

Full details of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement 2014 announcements made on 3 December 2014 and related documents are available on GOV.UK


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